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Water Treatment

There are many ways harmful chemicals can get into your drinking water. Although unnoticeable, toxic particles can sneak into your water system, posing risks to your plumbing’s health. With the help of Semper Fi Pump Service,you can be reassured your plumbing will stay in prime condition. With our water conditioning and purification techniques, you can fight against corrosion of your plumbing.

Water Treatment Services

  • Water Softeners

    Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and other metals in hard water. Softening your water extends the lifetime of your plumping and helps to fight against limescale buildup and soap scum.

  • Sulfur Water

    Hydrogen sulfide is a gas formed by the decay of organic matter and although is not a health hazard, can be a common nuisance in households. It has a distinctive rotten egg odor and makes water treatment desirable.

  • Low PH

    One of the most common causes of pipe and fixture corrosion is from low pH, which could be considered acidic water. Treatment of acid well water will keep your pipes healthy and last longer.

  • Elimination of Bacteria

    E-coli is a harmful bacteria sometimes found in well water and is extremely important to be treated. If your well tests positive for e-coli, we have effective treatment systems and solutions.